Cami Hurst

Welcome! I’m so glad you found me. My name is Cami Hurst and I’m passionate about helping married couples build life-long love stories. I offer traditional marital work as well as sex therapy. I specialize in Female Sexual Development, Mutual Sexual Satisfaction for couples, Sexual Education for Premarital/Newlywed couples, Sexual Orientation and Identity congruence for individuals and their families (I do not offer conversion therapy), Affair recovery, Post-addiction relationship recovery. I also specialize in spiritual issues such as faith crisis, faith reconstruction or transition, and mixed-faith marriages.

l am currently a graduate student studying Marriage and Family Therapy, I coach and counsel under supervision as I approach full licensure. I have completed an extensive Sex Therapy training program through Richmont Graduate University. I currently see individuals in my Meridian, ID office or via Skype. I do not accept insurance but accept cash, credit, or third party pay.

In a world divided between sexual obsession and sexual repression, you can trust me to be a tasteful, bold, honest, reliable, and educated resource on human sexuality. Many individuals and couples are nervous to even begin a serious study of sexuality for fear of stumbling upon crude or even destructive material. Other couples have years of built up pain and frustration that feels overwhelming to even begin to address. I wholeheartedly believe that our sexuality was designed to bring power, connection, and pleasure into our lives. If you are experiencing anything less, I am confident that we can create a new experience of  sexual wholeness for yourself and for your relationship.