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Trent Gray, LCPC

My passion is providing rehabilitation and mental health therapy services for people of all backgrounds and struggles, but especially with those who are going through vocational, medical, developmental, and behavioral health challenges. I believe in taking time for yourself and recreating for the purpose of gaining more spiritual and personal insight and appreciation for life so that we can live a more full and balanced life. I enjoy hiking in the Idaho foothills and back country with my family and friends and enjoying the mountains and fishing and observing the wildlife. I am an avid scouter and have been serving as a scout leader for the past several years. I see my role as a therapist as facilitating positive change by helping people re-construct their lives through a variety of innovative counseling tools such as motivational coaching, structural therapy, and psychotherapy techniques. My clinical experiences and knowledge includes working with all types of families from dynamic and varied backgrounds who are struggling with psychosocial, interpersonal, and biological challenges. My theoretical approach as a professional clinical licensed counselor is using personal construct theory and compassion focused therapy. I am focused on developing attributes, qualities and problem-solving skills that enable individuals and couples with being able to successfully manage their own unique challenges and struggles in life.

Trent Gray, LCPC

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